Alta knows dirt. We plan for and help implement soft surface trails for a range of trail users, including hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

Our natural surface trail work has addressed trail sustainability and long-term maintenance, drainage and erosion, varied levels of use, reduction of user group conflict, and restoration of native landscapes adjacent to trails. Trail planning services include assessment of trail alignment suitability at the regional and site scales, equity and connectivity analysis to destinations and transit, operations and maintenance, partnerships, funding, land ownership and easement, conditions for trails to be included in development, and working within environmental constraints and sensitive habitat. Our soft surface design includes feasibility through PS&E, with landscape architects and civil engineers collaborating to provide implementable projects that include considerations of sustainable drainage design, running and cross slopes to minimize future maintenance, retention and walls where necessary, and appropriate cross sections for anticipated use. Alta also provides a full suite of signage and wayfinding services, such as interpretive, regulatory, maps, mile markers, and direction signs. For more information about Alta’s wayfinding work, please visit this page.