Alta’s safe systems approach recognizes the need to shift the way streets have historically been designed and maintained to one that prioritizes human life.

We take our moral and ethical obligations seriously. Using technical expertise and a holistic approach, we work alongside communities to change the status quo and create safer transportation systems that serve all people. We were founded on the principle that safety needs to be focused on the most vulnerable roadway users, and this remains integral to everything we do. Alta’s diverse disciplines work together to address transportation safety, which include planning and implementation, public health, community engagement, civic analytics, and Safe Routes to School. While we have different specialties, we’re united in our passion to help communities craft successful, practical, and comprehensive safety strategies that get built. 

Alta’s Safety and Vision Zero Service Area includes:
Safety Planning + Implementation

We work with our clients to develop a systemic approach towards improving street safety by enhancing mobility options and reducing conflicts.

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Vision Zero + Safety Action Plans

By approaching safety goals from a variety of disciplines, Alta helps improve safety, enable mobility, foster livability, and work towards eliminating traffic deaths and severe injuries.

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Traffic Safety Programs + Campaigns

Messaging is a critical component when creating positive change towards safer streets. Our dedicated programs and campaigns team specializes in crafting the right message for particular scenarios.

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