Walking, bicycling and transit represent natural extensions of one another. Robust and dependable transit service coupled with active transportation increases mobility choices, builds ridership and fosters community vitality.

Transit works best by conveniently and reliably moving people where they need and want to go. Frequent and dependable transit service builds the foundation of a healthy community through expanded transportation options. Enhancing non-motorized links and end-of-trip facilities can transform a transit stop or station into a vibrant community space, stimulating community and economic development. Alta’s planners, engineers and landscape architects understand multi-modal project success requires a fully-integrated approach including efficient transit networks and service, safe and convenient walking and bicycling connections, secure bicycle parking, well-designed wayfinding and passenger information, and on-board bicycle accommodations.

Alta’s proven transit experience helps communities assess needs and identify and evaluate improvement strategies, resulting in a multi-modal product greater than the sum of its parts.