Alta is at the forefront of integrating climate risks and emissions reduction into transportation planning and decision-making.

Alta leverages a multidisciplinary approach to help our clients plan for a warming world and take steps now to meet emissions reduction targets. We measure potential for mode shift and emissions reduction, and build tools to help communities prioritize investments for rapid decarbonization. To enable communities to adapt and thrive in a changing climate, we combine research, data from climate models, environmental context, and asset inventories to evaluate climate-related risks (such as heat, sea level rise, drought, and flooding) within communities. We understand that evaluating everything from infrastructure criticality to Vehicle-miles Traveled (VMT) reduction strategies requires a multidimensional evaluation of equity to adequately plan for the needs of socially vulnerable communities. Alta aims to apply best practices in resiliency and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies with policy, planning, and design solutions that seek to not only meet the challenges of the next century, but thrive despite them.