Sustainability and Climate

At Alta we infuse sustainability and climate-forward thinking into all of our planning, design, engineering, outreach, and programs work to help plan and build communities that are resilient and future-ready. To help our clients and empower communities to meet their goals, we:

  • Help clients prioritize and expedite implementation of projects and programs to replace car trips before 2030.
  • Model emissions reductions that could result from these projects.
  • Incorporate community risks (e.g., heat, sea level rise, drought, flooding, and social vulnerabilities) and mitigation into our deliverables.
  • Empower disproportionately impacted communities to lead on creating solutions.
  • Incorporate multi-benefit design strategies for addressing more frequent and more extreme weather events.
  • Integrate green infrastructure and ecosystem services.  

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Alta’s Sustainability + Climate Focus Areas include:

Alta’s Sustainability + Climate Service Area includes:
Urban Cooling and Heat Islands

Designing resilient landscapes that buffer the effects of heat.

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Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management

Addressing climate change by building with nature.

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Analyzing Risks and Benefits

Alta is at the forefront of integrating climate risks and emissions reduction into transportation planning and decision-making. 

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