Alta’s dedicated team specializes in bringing communities together to initiate and/or improve SRTS programs by defining roles and responsibilities, timelines, and priorities to overcome identified barriers.

Strategic Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plans enable communities to focus limited resources on activities that most benefit their residents, and articulate how the program will determine success or improve over time. Our process brings partners together by facilitating conversations with local road-owning authorities, school districts and administrators, transit and public health staff, community advocates, and students to understand each groups’ goals in supporting SRTS work. Our SRTS Plans provide actionable and timely recommendations that help partners work together to build their ideal SRTS program.

We also bring practitioners together to learn from each other, celebrate successes, provide training on key topics, and foster a community of SRTS professionals. These networks have supported the SRTS community in navigating the pandemic upheavals as well as in fostering new activities that focus on health and equity, accessibility and inclusion, personal safety, and other topics that practitioners are dealing with.