Alta specializes in developing comprehensive SRTS plans that integrate all six Es – Equity, Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Encouragement, and Evaluation – in a holistic manner to increase opportunities to walk and bike to schools.

Using community feedback, extensive data collection, and analysis, Atla develops planning and design (Infrastructure) and programming (non-infrastructure) recommendations for all students and their families to have access to safe, convenient, and healthy modes of transportation to and from school. 

We work with school communities to conduct walk audits and school safety assessments and determine site-specific recommendations for each school. Then we combine that with jurisdiction-wide existing conditions, collisions, and other data to prioritize recommendations across the community.

Our SRTS Plans are completed with grant applications in mind. Building on our planning work, Alta has written numerous grant applications that secure funding to advance community priorities and authored many of the standards and guidelines used in the industry today.